The Homecoming

by The Brothers Bidondo

Released 2007
Bidondo Music
Released 2007
Bidondo Music
Cool jazz blended with the fire of flamenco, rock with the soul of samba, funk with the heart of country, this is a raucous "World-Jazz" mix of instrumental tastes featuring the guitar and keyboard talents of two Alaskan-French-Basque-Viking brothers.
Guitar and piano join to create a varied palette of colors that sketch the personalities of two brothers from Alaska, with lots of life woven into it. It's a mixture that beautifully reflects who they are, both musically and culturally.

Pierre Bidondo (guitarist) and Craig Bidondo (keyboardist) grew up as brothers with a shared heritage and love of music. But as adults, with Pierre in their home state of Alaska and Craig eventually resettling in …
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